Xbox One Update June


Xbox is the best gaming console ever and Microsoft is always try to serve best features in their console. Since from last year Microsoft try to hard to bring some reliability and new improved features to their Xbox one which makes it very attractive and easy to use. So finally the time is to come Microsoft announce its new update for Xbox one which will be launch in this year in June 2014.


Following are the new features which Microsoft has been announced in their new update:
  External storage support
  Real names
  Auto signing
  Smart glass
  TV and One guide
  New gold memberships

External storage support

With this update, user will be able to connect any USB 3.0-compatible hard drive with 256 GB or more of storage space to His Xbox One console and then choose whether to use that drive for new game and app installation. This will help user to overcome the limitation of the single, non-extendable fixed disk that’s in the Xbox One.

Real names

With this feature while playing online game with your friends you can easily call them by their real names by this app you have to add your friend name in it and after that you will be able to call him by his real name.

Auto signing in

With this feature your Xbox account is automatically signing in when you power on your console.

Smart Glass

This is a device application with this device you can change and manage your TV settings channel listings. It provides you full access to one guide and universal remote control. While playing games you can easily change your TV settings it also supports pin reordering feature.

Gold membership benefits

Now Microsoft allow gold members to access tons of new services with this membership plan. You can access Netflix, Hulu plus, Skype, HBO Go, NFL, One drive, one guide and many moreā€¦