Upgrading from Windows XP

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Upgrading from Windows XP

On April 2014 Microsoft officially announced to end support for windows XP. As it was the most popular operating system from 2001. It had been a reliable operating system from Microsoft. In the early 2014 windows XP still was the second most used operating systems in the world and now Microsoft trying hard to insist his users to upgrade from windows XP. After XP there was windows VISTA which has many of issues and bugs, but after this windows seven is the best up till now.

Why we need to upgrade?

easily understood by 13- to 15-year-ol

There is the security issue, Windows XP based machines will still work, but Microsoft will no longer giving security update for this OS which means you are no longer secure to hackers.
Some of the other reasons are explained below:


In windows seven now there is improved desktop, personalization, new and improved drivers support, security updates, more efficient use of computer hardware resources, new look, material design and new features.

Latest Technology

Now a days there are many new and latest hardware are available in the market which only supports windows seven. Now a day’s games are developed by setting the base of windows 7, USB 3.0 is the new and a faster USB technology which you can use in windows 7. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules are now work efficient with latest OS. There are lot of new drivers for new hardware such as high graphic cards, printers, scanners and digital cameras etc.


Microsoft is now well aware of cyber crimes, hacking methods and new virus and other harmful tools for your system. So you don’t need to worry about them Microsoft always giving you best security updates. Now Microsoft also introduced his own anti virus to secure your PC from virus.

How to upgrade?

Microsoft published every details and methods to upgrading your system from old OS to new one. Microsoft also offers tools which helps you to upgrade your system.

More OS after Windows 7

There are two latest OS then windows seven. Ex. Windows 8 and 8.1 but these are new OS and are not launched final versions of it up till now so wait for their finalized edition and enjoy windows seven.