Top 5 USB Flash Drive Producers

A USB flash drive, is a type of data storage device, which incorporates flash memory along with the presence of an integrated USB or Universal Serial Bus interface. These types of drives are normally rewritable and removable in nature, and actually much shorter as compared to an optical disc. These drives are frequently utilized for the equivalent functions for which CD’s or floppy disks were used, such as backup, storage and transfer of important computer files.

Due to the great demand of these drives around the world, there are a lot of companies exist in the electronic industry that deals with such types of memory storage products. The competition is too high, all are in the race of competing with others. Take a look at 5 most popular flash drive producers all over the world, mentioned below:

1. Kingston Technology
Kingston Technology is an American based, privately owned, multinational computer technology company, which develops, constructs, sells and hold up flash memory products and many other computers associated memory devices or products. It is the biggest independent manufacturer of DRAM memory modules, recently owning 46 percent of the third party global DRAM module marketplace share. It is the second biggest supplier of flash memory. The company deals with flash drive devices, computers, flash memory products, printers, servers, gamers and many others.

2. Crucial Technology
Crucial Technology is a brand utilized by semiconductor producer Micron Technology. The company manufactures different types of flash drives of different memory capacities that can store huge amount of data based on the user needs and preferences.

3. SanDisk
SanDisk is an Israeli and American based multinational company that designs, evolves and constructs flash memory storage products and solutions. The corporation was established by Sanjay Mehrotra, Jack Yuan and Dr. Eli Harari, which were the experts of nonvolatile memory technology. The company’s products incorporate solid state drives, enterprise and PC applications, catching software tools for laptops, embedded flash drives for tablets and mobile phones, memory cards for cameras and Smartphone devices, USB flash drives and many other flash based products.

4. HP
HP stands for Hewlett Packard Company, an America based multinational IT (Information Technology) association, which is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, located in the United States of America. The company offers software, hardware and services to users, medium and small sized businesses, and large companies, incorporating clients in the health, government and education fields. The company produces series of scanners, printers, calculators, digital cameras, servers, PDA’s, computers and workstation computers for the house and small business utilization purposes. The company also deals with memory storage products like pen drives, flash based drives and many others.

5. Corsair Memory
Corsair Memory, is an American based hardware and computer Peripherals Company, headquartered in Fremont located in California. The company designs and trades a wide range of products for laptops or computers that includes ATX power supplies, high speed, DRAM modules, computer cases, case cooling and memory solutions, USB flash drives, speakers and solid state drives and many others. Other products are gaming mice, USB audio headphones for gaming, DIMM and DRAM memory modules for notebook, desktop and notebook PCs.

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