Encrypting USB Flash Drive


USB flash drives are easy to lose if you don’t keep track of them. Today I am going to show you how to encrypt your USB flash drive so that if it gets lost or stolen its data remain safe and secured. So that no one can read it copy it or even format it. There are lot of the thing available on internet but I am going for the best tool named TrueCrypt.


1. USB Stick – Any size you want. ( Need a USB stick? Visit our usb flash drive online store )
2. TrueCrypt ( See Resources Section #1 )


Step 1
Download and install this software ( See Resources Section #1 ).

Step 2
Now insert your empty USB drive in your computer to which you want to encrypt.

Step 3
Run TrueCrypt and Click on create volume button.

Step 4
At the TrueCrypt Volume Creation process screen, select Encrypt a non-system partition or drive, then click next.

Step 5
At this step select Standard TrueCrypt volume, then click Next.

Step 6
In this step select your USB drive from the list, then click Next.

Step 7
Now select create Encrypted volume and format it

Step 8
Now at this screen select your volume size and then click on next.

Step 9
At this step now you have to enter your desired password twice which can be 20 character long and click on next.

Step 10
After the processing you are done. Now your USB is Encrypted.


1. TrueCrypt