Portable Apps USB


Today it is the age of innovative technologies and they all are evolving day by day. Now a days USB is most popular device for all age users. Students are very happy with this device as they can transfer their data or any portable app in USB Flash drive. In this article I am going to tell you about some applications and softwares which you can port to your USB drive.

Portable Apps/Softwares:

There are many portable apps/softwares are available to port them to USB as a utility, Some of them are the followings:

You can install operating systems in your USB such as:

Windows setup
Linux setup
Linux ( operating system / different flavors of distros )
Android ( operating system )

For this USB is very useful as you can install windows from USB by porting setup to USB and make it bootable. CDs are outdated and not as durable as USB Flash drives. USB drives you can store awhole lot more data on the stick then you could ever do on a CD.

Antivirus’s ( more info Bootable Antivirus USB )
There are many antivirus’s available for USB with which you can port them to USB and can easily scan your PC with unwanted viruses.

Startup Repair Windows:
Some times your windows isn’t running good or some times your windows is not loading then there is a utility Startup repair from windows you can port it to your USB and repair your Operating system to make it efficient.

Hiren Boot CD:
It is the best utility for computers and laptop as well. It works like emergency OS. If your system hard drive causing issues then you can run this utility by porting it to USB and boot from it.

Harddisk utilities:
There are many harddisk utilities which can be ported to USB for and boot from it. When your hard disk is crashed or having any bad sectors then you can run these utilities i.e. EasyUs partition utility, Norton disk utility etc.

I’ll be talking futher about what you read today if I haven’t done so already. Please stay tuned.