Best USB drive for Xbox 360

Recently, Microsoft permitted the users to utilize USB memory to complement the expensive, hard drives on which the Xbox 360 depends upon. Usable memory space is limited to 16GB, not a big thing, how big the size of the flash drive, but as you can utilize the drives for both hard drive installs and save the games, you must notice a common performance improve over only the hard drives. All is good and well, but the query is, which type of USB flash drive should be purchased? Does crucial speed matter, or can you utilize a relatively less expensive flash drive and still amuse a storage boost and performance? The flash drives are collected to verify them with the comfort, though you will be verifying them in common conditions to have an ultimate view on which is the greatest.

The Contenders
There are major 3 contenders from SanDisk, Corsair and Kingston. You can also get a cheerful and cheap flash drive from Verbatim, only to view how quality drives are compared with something more critical.

Flash Voyager Of Corsair
These flash drives are accessible in the capacities of 32Gb to 128Gb, the Flash Voyager is the probability on the preferred in this race. It utilizes a technology of quad-channel to drive the limits of the speed of the flash drive, arguing up to the write speed of 34MB/s and read speed of 28MB/s.

Not just that, it is available in a good rubber-casing of Corsair that defends the drive against the crash. These flash drives have been recognized to take more castigation in the past, therefore, you have no need to worry about the loss of your precious and important data- only the removable cap.

All this available at a cost, however, as the drive of 32GB alone costs to be very cost-effective and all these drives are available with a warranty of 10 years, a lanyard and an additional cable.

DataTraveler 200 From Kingston
Dissimilar to Corsaire, the DataTraveler 200 from the Kingston consists of a capless design and however, it is not ruggedized, it consists of a decent and attractive quality shell. The Kingston argues the moderate read speed of 20MB/s and write speed of 10MB/s. It is available with a warranty of 5 years. The drives of the Kingston are also very cost-effective.

SanDisk Cruzer Contour- a long-drawn-out given name if ever there was only one- does not available in the capacities of 64GB or 128GB such as the Corsair and the Kingston, maxing out at the capacity of 32GB. Though, it does contain the benefit of being available in less significant sizes, consisting of 4GB, 8GB and 16GB.

It is also the perfect appearing drive, sporting an excellent gloss-black, metal combo that is brushed. Such as the Kingston, it consists of a capless design, and however, its slide black and the external mechanism to look a bit finicky at first, it particularly proves moderately intuitive. The rates of read and write of the SanDisk are 25MB/s and 18MB/s respectively.

This drive also consists of a capless design and is very cheerful and cheap. It is also very cost-effective in case of both 16GB and 8GB and sufficient for a game or two.