Bootable USB via Power ISO


In this tutorial I am going to tell you that how to make a windows bootable installation USB with the help of Power ISO software. This software is working great for making an image of windows installation files and also used to mounting these ISO images. So it have another feature to make your USB bootable disk.


1. USB Stick – 4 GB( minimum ) ; 8 GB is recommended. ( Need a USB stick? Visit our usb flash drive online store )
2. Power ISO ( See Resources Section #1 )


Step 1
Download and install Power ISO from internet.

Step 2
Now open your installed Power ISO.

Step 3
Insert your USB which you want to make bootable.

Step 4
From its Menu choose Tools then go to Create Bootable USB drive.

Step 5
After selecting it the UAC popup will show on your screen then you have to allow it.

Step 6
In “Create Bootable USB Drive” dialog, click “…” button to open the ISO file of Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 respectively.

Step 7
Select the correct USB drive from the “Destination USB Drive” list if multiple USB drives are connected to the computer.

Step 8
Choose the proper writing method. “USB-HDD” is recommended.

Step 9
Click “Start” button to start creating windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 bootable USB drive.

Step 10
After this process is complete now you should be able to restart your PC or Laptop and be able to boot from this USB.

If you don’t know how to boot from USB then go to your BIOS settings and select USB as first priority then restart your PC or Laptop.


1. Power ISO