How we use USB stick

USB stick

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. It is a port in every PC or Laptop. Now a days it is very commonly used i.e. for storage purposes many of the companies build USB sticks which have storage capacity from 2 GB to 1 TB. It is very easy to access and use because it don’t need any driver cd and OS automatically detects it and make it ready for us. It is also known as data traveler you can carry any type of data in it and can travel anywhere. For the access of your data which is available in USB stick you just need a PC or Laptop. Now a days it is very use full for students they carry their assignments in it. For its use you just have to insert it in your PC’s USB port and the device will start. Now you just copy your data and paste it in your USB folder or directory. It have less speed as compared to your Hard disk but many of the companies are working hard to increase the speed of USB stick. Overall it is very handy, small in size, less expensive. There are also some security features in it to secure your data.