Now a days USB is become more usefull technology. It makes our life more easy and interective. In the past USB is only limited to Computers and Laptop but now a days it teransfered to many of mobile decives and our home Television such as LCD and LED. I am writting this to tell you or educate you that what are the things that you can do with your TV USB slot.


You can do the following things with your TV USB slot:


You can plug your camera into your HD TV via USB port with camera’s USB cable to watch your photos which are in your camera in HD TV with high resolution Pictures.


You can watch your all videos that you have catch in your camera as your remindable memory. You can view your videos in HD tv with high resolution graphics and rich colors.

Connecting Your Phone

You can also connect your phone to your HD TV via USB port. You can view all the videos and images which you have clicked with your phone’s camera.


You can run your all presentations form your Phone or USB drive for office or educational purposes.


You can store your all latest HD or Blueray movies in your USB drive or in a mobile phone and you can plug your USB into HD TV’s slot and can enjoy your home theather with rich graphics experience.


Now a days there are some USB’s available in the market which have Android OS in it by google or any other company. These USB’s can plug into your TV to enjoy an Operating system in your TV. You can do any thing from this as like a mobile phone such as video calls, Internet browsings and games.